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"Excellent pricing. Sought and found in DMOPC better than Ebay priced product. That says a lot in and of itself."

Spokane, WA


"Thanks a lot. I was a licensed Pest Control Technician from 2006-2009 in California. When I moved to the East Coast and needed to find Pesticides, I didn't know where to turn. I'm glad I found you with all of my old favorites...Cy-Kick, Talstar, Demon....seems like old time. :-)"

Vienna, VA


"Great prices and great weed and pest control solutions. I will past this site's information to friends and co-workers. I am pleased with the prices and much better than purchasing these items from expensive gardening stores or hardware stores."

Vail, AZ


"I use to use a national pest control company but now do it myself. As a result I am saving money and using the same chemicals that the national company used thatI buy from you. I'm very pleased."

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"I was amazed at the total devastation of the insect population around my home. I've not seen one live bug in or near my home since I sprayed the area; my wife said she saw one dead bug near the back door."

Seminole, OK