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"I am so glad I found DoMyOwnPestControl and very much appreciated the information available online about the products. I will definitely recommend you as the best source for all the items you carry."

Auburn, WA


"After battling a minor carpenter ant infestation in a window for a couple of weeks I bought Carpenter Ant Kit #2. Five days later I saw no more. I have left both baits out just in case they decide to come back for more. This kit works!"

Southern Indiana


"Totally helpful on the phone; blisteringly fast service (products got here so crazy fast, I had to use the asbestos gloves till they cooled down!!); everything well packed and ship-shape. If you want 'fluff', shop elsewhere; if you want the 'stuff', shop with these guys."

Central Texas


"The online price is more than reasonable. I purchased the exact quart of Permethrin SFR (a chemical to use inside and out) locally for 3x the online price. From this day on, I will definitely purchase from My stupidity!!!"

S Florida


"Love, love, love your site. WP Demon is off the hook good and your support team is responsive and very knowledgeable. Also, the do it yourself video was extremely helpful. I won't shop any place else."

Washington D.C.