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"We recently moved to an apartment infested with cockroaches. Pest control is mandatory but free here, however after 3x of treatment nothing happened so I tried your product. I'm amazed that finally after 48 hrs after application I barely see any cockroaches. Thank you so much for your incredible product!"

Adelphi, MD


"The product was exactly as advertised and I saved about 10-15% over other web sites I look at. I have all ready recommended this product and web site to two other people."

Kingwood, TX


"For several years I have been trying 'this and that' to control the moles tearing up my lawns little or no avail. When I purchased 'poisin worms' from you, and placed them in the moles' burrows ...Bam! Yep, it's been two weeks without a mole hill, and to think I used only 5 'worms.' Thank you for an excellent product."



"Just wanted to say that you all are the best company I have ever dealt with in serving your customers. And that means ANY company . You may quote me on this. You people are the best and really take care of your customers. You should be an example of the good old American way of doing things. And yes YOU built it. Thanks so very much!"

Dublin, GA


"I worked in pest control and was relieved that I could purchase the same products for personal use. They are fairly expensive but worth it when you need them. I also appreciate all of the good online advice on techniques and products. The shipping was very fast for standard, free shipping. Had my order within a couple of days."

Rossville, GA