DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"Called first to ask questions. Call was taken very fast and Trisha was very helpful. She answered my questions and suggested a product that would meet all my needs. Excellent customer service!"

Media, PA


"I have ordered several products from your company and all have been at my door within 3 days. The product I am most impressed with for ant control is Termidor, this stuff just wipes out all ants in a few days and any other bug that comes in contact with it. This is good stuff! Never had a termite problem so far. I also use invader for those hard to reach areas which also works well. I learned about your products from the the supermarket chain I work for which uses a lot of your products in their semi trucks and around the warehouses. We have our own pest control guys which I talk too and they tell me what works best. Your company has everything they use and I see just how well these products work first hand so I would advise everyone to do their research on your website and buy your products because they work! Thanks for having such great products and hope this company is around for a very long time! So, thanks again for being there for my pest control needs!"



"I have spent thousands hiring pest control companies and they never solve my issues, watered down services! I have been doing my own pest control and problems solved! High quality products, results, fast delivery time and great customer service!"



"I'm not done yet but the sections of the house I've done already is wonderful, I have better results than the pest control company I used for less than half the price. I would recommend you to anyone who has a pest problem. To anyone who reads this watch the video they have and get rid of your pest problem."

West Park, Fl


" is an excellent website with an extensive product line and information. I received my order within days of placing it and it was exactly as described. I would recommend this company to any one. Thank you for your professionalism."