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"My son used to work for an exterminator and he told me the exact product names to get, but he wasn't sure I would be able to purchase products without a permit to do so. Guess what I did. These products are exactly what the exterminating company that he worked for used. I am extremely happy that I was able to get what I needed and do it myself for far less then an exterminator. I will definitely do a better job of applying the product to all the crevices myself."

Greensburg, KY


"Love doing business with DoMyOwnPestControl. Great products, prompt shipping, great prices... Very satisfied (repeat) customer."

Pembroke Pines, Florida


"I love their website- besides the prices and that the order comes earlier than expected, they have lots of general information that has helped myself and my friends."

Coral Springs, FL


"This site came highly recommended to me, I can see why; their shipping is fast and accurate and the product that I order is fantastic. I will recommend to everyone that is in need of pest control products."

Lutz, FL


"I am very satisfied with this company, DoMyOwnPestControl. I have purchased products from them in the past and have been very satisfied with all their products. It has saved me money also, where I have not had to spend money on a high priced pest control company. I can do my own pest control."

Newark, NJ