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"We have been fighting a cockroach infestation for quite awhile and to no avail. We had been purchased numerous products and nothing was working, so I did a search on the internet and your site popped up. I showed it to my husband that payday we ordered. The process was very easy and the shipment arrived before the expected date. It has been three days since we put out baits and so far so good. I will leave a product review after at least one month. I have already recommended to numerous people and will continue to."

Ellenboro, NC


"The product I purchased from you is the same product that the pest control company I was using used. I told their technician that if he would leave me some of the product it would save him some trips to retreat my house. That worked well for both parties. I now do the treatments myself using the same identical product that a nationwide company uses."

Germantown, TN


"My good Samaritan decision to save a stray kitten turned into my first encounter with a flea infestation! It was driving me nuts and to make matters worse my sister-in-law and her kids had just moved in and they attacked the one year old. I ordered a $20 can of flea control and now we're able to walk around again without being bitten. Your product is great!"



"Incredibly fast delivery 2 days with the product I ordered have yet to apply them but this company really delivers"

Ketteting ohio


"I love all of the products do my own pest control. I have been ordering products from this company for a couple of years and have always received them on time. the products have been more than what I expected. I am very satisfied with the service and products."

Sylmar, CA