DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"Great website, has detailed information on everything I was looking for. Even an instructional video showing how I should use the product I ordered. Very impressive and helpful. I'll be back for sure."

Hanover, NH


"I liked the very informative website and the variety of quality products available. Very reasonable prices and rapid delivery. It is great to see a good company like this."

St. James City, FL


"The product I purchased exceeded my expectations. It took care of my problem and I plan to purchase more to maintain a pest free home. Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend this site to my friends and family."

Adamsville, AL


"After hearing from my nephew about your products, I sent in for the same stuff he used on patio's, around foundations and the garden, it really works on crawling pests. Thanks for having something I can use to get rid of those kind of insects that can harm me or my vegetables. I will continue to buy more of the same stuff to keep my yard clean of those unwanted insects."

Southern Idaho


"THANK YOU, You just saved me $200.00 dollars and it took less than 24 hrs to kill All those yellow jackets way less time than the product said it would take! I have been telling my neighbors about you and your great products! Will tell others on twitter and Facebook as well.... Everyone needs to save money these days!"

Tacoma, WA