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"I have to tell you guys. Your products worked wonders!! After spraying for German roaches for 3 months with products from the stores like Walmart and others. And after hiring an exterminator who came out three times!!! To no avail. I placed my order with you and followed the tips and info from your site. Using demon WP And the roach baits and IGRs from you. I am very happy to say... After the first day the population suffered heavy casualties!!! With a few stragglers still doin a jitterbug cross the floor now and again. Even teasing them into submission with the bait gun and gel bait. I after two weeks now have not seen as much as a ant ,a roach, a fly , or anything living in my mobile home. Thank you very much!!! You guys have a customer for life. I spent we'll into 1000.00 prior to ordering from you. With little to no good results. Since my order with you for a third what I spent with the other stuff and outside help. I have ended the battle a winner!! With plenty of product to last thru winter and spring. The products are ... AMAZING!!!! 5 big stars to you guys!!! And a big bear hug too. Thanks! =D"

Mattoon , Illinois


"My first time to do business with DoMyOwnPestControl exceeded my expectation on both value and service. I got the products that I wanted at a much better price than I could find locally plus the shipping was free and fast. You can be sure that I will be a repeat customer."

Baton Rouge, LA


"Just wanted to *profusely* thank your customer service team for their service above and beyond the call of duty on our first order. We had suffered a severe flea infestation at our summer cabin (despite the dogs being current on Vectra 3D) and ordered two cans of Ultracide from you. Spray cans can't go by air, so it turned out delivery was forecast for our last day at the cabin--with my brother and his wife scheduled to arrive a few days later! So you can imagine I was mortified when I received the UPS delivery notice email saying it had been delivered, with no UPS shipment in sight! UPS told me to contact the shipper. And your customer service people, bless their hearts, managed to track down the shipment, which had been delivered to the post office where we receive our mail. (Go figure.) Anyway, I got to the post office before they closed, got our Ultracide, and we gave the whole cabin a good spraying the morning we left. Mission accomplished! PS - Just ordered a couple more cans of the stuff to have on hand."

Spring Valley, OH


"We have been fighting a cockroach infestation for quite awhile and to no avail. We had been purchased numerous products and nothing was working, so I did a search on the internet and your site popped up. I showed it to my husband that payday we ordered. The process was very easy and the shipment arrived before the expected date. It has been three days since we put out baits and so far so good. I will leave a product review after at least one month. I have already recommended to numerous people and will continue to."

Ellenboro, NC


"The product I purchased from you is the same product that the pest control company I was using used. I told their technician that if he would leave me some of the product it would save him some trips to retreat my house. That worked well for both parties. I now do the treatments myself using the same identical product that a nationwide company uses."

Germantown, TN