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Dear DMOPC. I have had a pest control problem for months and i stumbled across your website when i had finally had enough, and was looking for a solution. I had worked for a very reputable pest control company before so i was sure i could handle the infestation. I would like to say that your company has a very professional outlook.  You are very informative on all your products from use of the product, hazards how and where to apply and more.  I see from other testimonials that customer service and answering questions is very good. You all should be very proud of your company and all its employees. I will be using your company for all my pest control needs from now on because i know i will be well taken care of in any aspect of me pest control needs. Thank you for being there for us the consumers.... Good Job!


palm bay fla.


"I just want to say that this company rocks! The products they sell work and they stand behind them! They also are very helpful when you have a question and their response time is phenomenal! We purchased Conquer, Archer IGR, and Bifen granules because we had a horrible flea infestation outside our house due to our 5 dogs and 4 cats. You couldn't even walk out without fleas jumping all over yours legs. Michael was very helpful in telling us what we needed to do! It took a few weeks for the lifecycle of the fleas to die out with treatment, but we are finally flea free!! Our animals, as well as ourselves, are so very thankful! We will definitely be repeat customers for all our pest control needs! Like I said, you guys rock! Thanks!"

Arcanum, Ohio


"I bought the Maxforce Bait Gel and it's been 4 days now & I still keep finding baby roaches dead! I am soooooo thrilled with this product! I don't see anymore of them climbing walls or across the ceiling! May God bless the person who invented this stuff!"



"Great website, has detailed information on everything I was looking for. Even an instructional video showing how I should use the product I ordered. Very impressive and helpful. I'll be back for sure."

Hanover, NH


"I liked the very informative website and the variety of quality products available. Very reasonable prices and rapid delivery. It is great to see a good company like this."

St. James City, FL