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"Everything about my experience with ordering from, including the product, has been above and beyond what one would ordinarily expect from such a transaction."

Voorhees, NJ


"This site saves me so much money. I am able to do for myself what a company would charge me an arm and a leg to accomplish. The free shipping is great. I really love this site...Thank You!"

Royalton, IL


"Wow , I am very impressed with how user friendly your website is! Having your customers remarks about your product available to read is very helpful as well. I feel confident I have chosen the right product to control my scorpion infestation. Fight it every summer only to pay exterminators. Looking so forward to enjoying deep sleep again and running barefoot in the house! :) thanks!"

Bertram, Tx.


"I was very impressed with the website and suggested products after you add to the cart. I purchased a $57.00 sprayer that I would have forgotten about, an add on sale for you and a satisfied customer, can't beat that!"

Kiel, WI


"I told my boss I had ordered the weed killer he requested and we got free shipping. He said" well see it about 7 - 10 days then. Was he suprised when 2 days 23 hours later our product arrived. Product's at a good price and fast free shipping? How can I buy into this you guys are going to be very busy."

Keokuk Ia.