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"I had a bad infestation of german cockroaches, I ordered the invict gold roach bait kit followed the directions and it worked perfectly. Im very happy with the results. I will be a returning customer in the future. Very good products."

North Miami, Fl.


"No bull to read! The product description is right on and the do exactly what they state. You can find exactly what your looking for in seconds, place your order and move on. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!"

ITASCA, Illinois


"I am very thankful to have the opportunity to Do My Own Pest Control. Thank you for your efforts for excellent transaction!"

Bonifay, FL


"You cannot beat next day delivery and such ease in placing the order. However, I was disappointed with the Chaplin sprayer. The first time I used it, I followed the instructions to the letter. I used 2 oz/gal of water setting and measured the square footage of my lawn. I did not get the coverage recommended using Fertilome weed killer. The second time I used it, again I used the 2 oz/gal setting and the the chamber of the sprayer filled with water further diluting the chemical. I ended up using my old sprayer to complete the job. I will not purchase another Chaplain sprayer."

Hilliard, Florida


"Phantom liquid is excellent! The booklet attached (25 pages) is well-written. After careful reading, I had no questions, but (see below) the company is easily contacted. I was careful (gloves, eye protection, mask, cap, etc.), but I had no "newbie" application difficulty. Delivery (UPS 2nd day air) was fine.The accompanying Chapin Premier sprayer arrived missing a small part. Chapin quickly sent one via priority mail. Even with that delay, everything was in hand, ready to go, five days after the order was placed.[Per directions, TEST sprayers with water BEFORE filling "for real." If there is a problem, you won't be searching for an appropriate gallon storage container. Also, you gain some experience adjusting the sprayer nozzle.] I'm satisfied with the purchase, "" and"Chapin" customer services, ease of product application, quick disappearance of pavement ants, and the cost-effectiveness of "DoingMyOwn" pesticide treatment. I highly recommend!"

Phoenix, AZ