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"Really, love the site. I'm currently experiencing pest control problems and was just reading the most I could about the best products available. Unfortunately, the best the Home Depot here sells are some Orkin or other name products and believe me they are USELESS. So when I saw these commercial level products are available I jumped on the opportunity to get them and when I read all the comments I feel confident that the products will work. Thank You so much for having this site."

Houston, TX


"It seems that the local wildlife have made a new home under our house and have brought fleas with them. We were unable to walk around our home without being covered. Our poor dogs were scratching all the time. The Talstar PL Granules have worked wonders. I don't have to check my pant legs before getting into my car anymore. With the available product information I was able to decide what was needed, purchase it and have it shipped to me. That in itself is a blessing. But it was received within 3 days of purchase. That's nearly unheard of these days. I have and will continue to recommend as the go to folks."

La Porte, TX


"Really like this site and when i received my product i called for some info...and she was so nice explaining how to use the product...thanks a bunch!"

Houston, TX


"Great company Have really helped me solve a lot of issues with pests. Pricing is competitive, web site answers a lot of questions about products before you buy something you don't need. I would recommend this company to all my friends."

Panama City, FL


"Having found this item cheaper on a few other sites, the owners of issued a partial refund of my purchase price to beat the competition AND lowered their price on their website !! I've always wondered if an online company really means it when they say they'll do this, and DMOPC actually DID IT !! THAT, my friends, is customer service. I'll buy my pest control products here from now on. No question !!"

Greensboro, GA