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"This was the first and only relevant website that I visited. I was impressed enough by the website and its content that I chose to look no further, and I expect to be satisfied with the effectiveness of my purchase."

Oregon, OH


"I have been using your Cyper-WP for several years and just ordered 2 pounds this week. I was amazed that the mail delivered it the second day after order with your free shipping. I have not had an ant, spider, or roach problem since I started getting your product. Thanks for great products at great prices."

Cairo, GA.


"EXCELLLENT SITE!!!!! Will use again for as long as I can....Products are excellent and at a fair price with fast shipping....."



"This site impressed me with its clean design and excellent, detailed product information. The product I'd been looking for was no longer available, but that products page had a link directing me to a similar product with the same active ingredient that they still had in stock. It was even the same price! Checking out was effortless with PayPal, and as a bonus, the estimated shipping time to my state using the free option was actually just as quick as UPS ground. I wish all my online shopping experiences could go this smoothly."

Austin, TX


"First time buyer. Excellent service and price. Very fast shipping. Will be ordering again."