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"I love your website!!! It is so informative it was very helpful. In addition, I called 3 times and each time I reached very helpful people who told me what I needed to know. My major pest control problems are: spiders, wasps and scorpions. I was told the products in this order should solve those problems. Looking forward to no more pests!!! Thank you for all your hard work. I love your customer friendly policies such as training your employees very well. And I love the 100% Happiness Guarantee. This order is for my mom and I want her to be happy!"

Pleasanton, CA


"This was my first purchase. The price was good and the shipping was fast. I plan on purchasing my pest and weed control products from DoMyOwn from now on."

Tiffin, Ia.


"I have used this company various times before and I am happy with the products and services I have received. Customers can always count on the best products and a fast and reliable delivery. I love the free delivery service most of all! I am a very happy customer. Thank you!"

New York


"A lesson learned. I hired Terminix to take care of my carpenter bee problem with an initial payment of $200.00. After three visits from them, my wife and I still could not even go out on the deck without being attacked by these very large intimidating bees. After a little reading and investigating on the "Do My Own Pest Control" website, I decided to purchase a few items from your on line store. I spent about half an hour spraying and I have not seen a carpenter bee since the end of May. The name says it all.."Do It Yourself". I will never again waste my money on a big name pest control company. An aerosol can on a long stick....please. Thank You for all your help and Im sure I will be doing a lot of business with you in the future.

Fall River, MA


"This is my second purchase from DoMyOwnPestControl, I am very satisfied with my purchase.... their products gave me better results than the expensive exterminator I was paying for."

Edinburg, TX