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"I have one complaint! Why doesn't everyone use Talstar so we can totally eradicate these Florida fire ants!!! Talstar also took care of powder post beetles in my grandson's house in one spraying. I haven't found anything it DOESN'T kill. It successfully took care of wolf spiders, carpenter ants, fire ants, mosquitoes, roaches, chinch bugs, etc. I love this stuff and wouldn't be without it to protect my home and family. "

Avon Park, FL


"This company is Great! Not only are the prices affordable but the products are top quality and everything ships very fast. The line of natural products are fantastic and work so well. Highly recommended. 5 Star."

Springfield, Ma


"Easy to order, correct and prompt service. Not bombarded by emails. Overall experience was great! Will order from this company again."



"Wow!! This stuff is the real deal. The first night I used them, it caught a mouse and the next day during the daylight hours, it caught a huge gecko/ lizard. I love this stuff and highly recommend it."

Dallas, TX


"Talstar P and Pivot 10 will end your flea and roach problem. There is no other solution. Every kind of bug is fried. Bugs we didn't know we had they are gone, too. Order now; don't hire a professional exterminator. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. My four major problems are fleas, mosquitos, roaches,and spiders - oh my. Worth the money. I will use forever and always. Love love love!"

Huntsville, TX