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"Best pest control company ever and great customer service, TWO THUMBS UP!!!"

Kissimmee, FL


"I didn't bother to look at other online vendors. I liked the idea of DO My own pest when it came up in Google. I have been buying online, ebaying since the 90's and have a feel for whats good and whats questionable. This site looked good. I am also very familiar with PayPal since its origination in Palo Alto, Ca where I grew up and Ebay in San Jose where I lived for 30 years."

Modesto, CA


"I loved their website! It was so easy to research all the products because all the labels were on the website."

Clinton, WA


"This is a great site for me. I really don't have a lot of money for expensive exterminators, my roach problem is not extensive yet, so thru this site it allows me to do my exterminating myself without the cost of high dollar exterminators. I was able to read the reviews on the product i was buying and am excited to see if it works for me. Thank you, DoMyOwnPestControl.Com"

Texarkana, TX


"My husband and I ordered a bottle of the termidor sc and sprayed around both of the houses and it seems to have gotten rid of the termites; definetly will be ordering more and will tell others about the website, so that they can order also."

New Orleans,La.