has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"Love the website! People are very helpful over the phone. They have great products provided with reviews."

Philadelphia, PA


"GREAT!! Plan to do ALL my termite and pest control myself at half or more the cost of professional service."

Hamilton City, CA


"I have gone nowhere else for my pest control info and products since 2005. Everything I have bought from these folks has exceeded my expectations at a price well below what I'd have to pay a pro. If you hate bugs, you'll love DoMyOwnPestControl! (Honest - that was an unsolicited plug from an unabashed fan.)"

Midway, GA


"I purchased the same item 4 months ago. Item arrived on time in excellent condition, the price was right and they accept paypal.I think I have found the perfect pest control product supplier."

Cypress, CA


"I have made a few purchases from this company & I will not go anyplace else! their prices are the cheapest (much less than home depot) their delivery is much faster than anticipated (not bad for free shipping) above all I give this Company a A+"

San Jose, CA