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"I am so glad I was able to find them on the internet. The exterminator just put down the same stuff...1 and a half tubes of it, and charged me $60! I could have purchased 8 tubes for that! and he didn't even leave me what was left of the second tube, and suggested he come back in 10 days for $30 and then every month!"

Silver Springs, FL


"Very good service. I received answers to my questions right away. Easy to compare products, all labels are in the system, you can do your own education and then select the product(s) you think are best. I did have questions about a product and I sent the question and received an answer in less than 24 hours."

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico


"It was easy to find the product I was interested in. The website included excellent detailed information about the product. The whole process of shopping, ordering, and check-out was very easy. This product was $10 cheaper than buying buying it from my Vet's store."

Jacksonville, NC


"Best pest control company ever and great customer service, TWO THUMBS UP!!!"

Kissimmee, FL


"I didn't bother to look at other online vendors. I liked the idea of DO My own pest when it came up in Google. I have been buying online, ebaying since the 90's and have a feel for whats good and whats questionable. This site looked good. I am also very familiar with PayPal since its origination in Palo Alto, Ca where I grew up and Ebay in San Jose where I lived for 30 years."

Modesto, CA