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"This site was great! Shipping was fast and delivery was on time. I had no need to contact customer service regarding the use of the products because the web site answered all of my questions before I even placed the order. Because of this, I was able to order with confidence and had no need to return any part of my order. is GREAT!"

Coshocton, OH


"Your products have made my home a better residence. I can not believe the money you have saved me in pest control. I thank you, and my daughter is very thankful for your help in getting the bugs out of our home."

Mesa, Arizona


"I have been buying the small (only one sold) in store home depot & lowes ortho powder for over a year at a ridiculously high price, I have 2 acres to keep ants from hurting kids and pets, wish you made it even stronger than 75% concentrate, Your chemical is the only insecticide that works, I know, I have used every one of the others on the shelf."

Abita Springs, LA


"I was referred to your company by a new employee at a nationally-known pest control company. Although new in our state, he had been in the pest control industry for over 20 years back East and told me that your products were the only ones tha his former company recommended. I went online, ordered the mattress and box spring covers, and received my order one day earlier than predicted. We put them on the bed and really appreciate the lightweight, soft material of the covers and the workmanship of the products. We will be ordering more and will definitely be recommending your products to family and friends."

Scottsdale, AZ


"They seem to have what I need. First time to use this company so time will tell if I'm happy or not! I'm a retired PCO and TI so I would know the quality of the products they sell."

Las Vegas, NV