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"Wow! I have never used a product like this! I wish I would have known about it a long time ago. This product exceeded my expectations immensely. We just moved into a log home in the woods and knew we had to be proactive about keeping the bugs off our logs so I started researching products on the net and found this website. By the time I ordered, the place was literally crawling with insects everywhere. And wasps were thick, starting nests. We sprayed our logs, under the eves and around the base of the buildings. This product is amazingly. With in 24 hrs there were dead bugs laying everywhere. If they touch the sprayed area they're gonners. No more wasp nests to fight with. We have dogs and they had no problem with their frequent traversing over sprayed areas. Can't say enough good things about the product and "Do My Own Pest Control". Shipment was quick also."

Western Washington


"Across the board: excellent customer service, prompt shipping, great product. Worked as described with the first application. Previous attempts using over-the-counter products required multiple applications, cost more and flat out didn't work. I will be a return customer!"

Clinton Twp, MI


"We ordered and received our products early and they worked fantastic. Thanks!"



"My order shipped fast and was the right product the first time out the box Kudos to Do My Own Pest Control. I made the same order through a different company over a month ago through Amazon and they sent me the wrong product and it was 2 weeks late getting to me. I really appreciate the great service I got here, and it's so fast. I will use again & again, Awesome Job!!!"

Panama City, Florida


"I have used Honcho Plus many times - great product. I can't find it locally, so I purchased from DoMyOwnPestControl, and it was shipped fast. Thanks for the great service!"

North Carolina