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"Best prices I've found online. Excellent product information and phone support. On time deliveries!"

Sarasota, FL


"Great site layout. Products were easy to find. Product information was extremely thorough. Prices were much better then other sites. Easy Checkout System. I was recommended by a family member to your site and I can see why now. Look forward to using the product."

Eufaula, AL


"I had a flea infestation on a condo. I spent money and time trying different products. Frustrated and tired I reached for you guys to help with this situation. After your recommendation and all the advised you kindly gave me I purchased the products, applied to the area affected and follows every advised you gave me I then finally eradicated every flea there was. I want to thank you so much for all the help and wonderful products. I highly recommend anyone who has a flea problem to contact you a utilized your expertise. You are the best."



"It came so quick, I'll be able to do it myself the next time! I love that I was able to get the professional grade Advion by DuPont. I had had an exterminator here, using the same (he owed me a visit that was paid for a couple months ago) when it arrived in the mail. Now I can put out the bait when the cockroach egg sacks hatch and get all the babies before they have a chance to lay more eggs. I'm as happy as...a pig in mud on a hot day...LOL"

Silver Springs, FL


"Second order from and I love what your company does. Save a bundle!!"

Rotonda West, FL