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"All of my questions were answered just by reading the information on the site. Information was written in a way that I could understand and explained which products to use, why and how they worked. I was impressed by the knowledgeable and detailed information on the site but what sealed the deal for me, was the customer reviews."

Coshocton, OH


"Glad to have found your product on-line. Have not been able to find at a retail or hardware store. Very easy to order. Thanks for the free shipping! Great price."

Cypress, TX


"This site save hundred of dollars by doing my pest control, also the videos help quite bit to do your job better."

Indio, CA


"Thank you for having this product, I live in the country and we have rats every year as soon as it gets cold. I had heard that copper will deter rodents from coming in to the house. I cannot find this product locally.The reviews also helped me to decide. The price was good!"

Wilton, CA


"Easy to navigate website, excellent product availability and product-specific information. Product shipped the next day. Definitely will return for future purchases."

Brentwood, NY