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"I have shopped online for these products for a while now with no success due to shipping options. I have a P.O. box overseas (military) and I am amazed at how many vendors do not ship USPS. With free shipping, and a slightly higher price, the overall price is the same. I am extremely satisfied with my online shopping experience with this company. The simple fact of shipping has made me want to come back to DoMyOwnPestControl for any future pest problems. Thank you."

Loveland, CO


"Boracare has made it possible to manage our chronic drywood termite problem. Over the years, that has saved us hundreds (thousands?) of dollars. Your service is excellent & your advice is clear. Thanks!"

Mendocino, CA


"Your shipping speed was the best ever from any other company I ordered from, keep up the good work. The Talpirid is working, actually put one in the tunnel and the mole grabbed it and pulled it in the tunnel by himself."

Ocala, FL


"Just wanted to report that my order arrived on time and faster then expected. Can't beat that service! Last time I had a termite problem. Your advice on how to stop them sure did help. I even referred you to one of our neighbor's down the street. Both have been termite free for years. With this last order I plan to keep my house that way. Did I also tell you I saved about $2000 by doing it myself? Thanks for the service!"



"I found through an Amazon search. I also found out through this site that Cyper WP is the same as Demon WP but much less expensive. I was very pleased to find a product that was essentially the same but for a lesser price thanks to Thanks"

Amarillo, TX