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"I have been on several websites pricing and doing research and your site was the easiest and fairly priced. I will be recommending your site to a few people I know that own multiple rental properties. Thank you!"

Wichita, KS


"Jill, at customer service answered all of my questions,promptly and in a detailed manner. Free shipping, detailed info on killing spiders and videos were instrumental in my purchase. The site info would have sold me, even if shipping was not free. As an internal I.S.O. Auditor and 20 years in Quality Auditing, I can appreciate all that went into your site. Top notch set up! Thank you!"

Freehold, NJ


"I am always satisfied with the service and products. I always get my questions answered along with good advice."

Johnstown, PA


"I had made a mistake with my order. I called and the lady who answered was very nice and pulled the box from shipping and corrected my mistake. You don't see this much anymore. Very happy with the service and the product."

Lebanon, Missouri


"I really like how your website is set up and how you ask for feedback so others can read reviews, and get more ideas of how to use product before buying to give you a better idea of what you might need or different ways to do things. I liked your bug pictures, I had pantry beetles and I didn't know what they were or how to describe them. Your website was very helpful and I will recommend to others in the future. And free shipping... love it! Thank you!"

Morro Bay, CA