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"My husband and I ordered a bottle of the termidor sc and sprayed around both of the houses and it seems to have gotten rid of the termites; definetly will be ordering more and will tell others about the website, so that they can order also."

New Orleans,La.


"The name of the site is catchy and caters to those who desire to control pests without a professional exterminator and their high prices. The site itself is very informative and provides the best products on the market at very competitive pricing including volume discounts for all do it yourself pets control. Checkout is simple/convenient, and shipping charges cannot be beat - free!"

Atlanta, GA


"We have ordered one product from your company before. VERY good service, product good. This product is used by a professional, and I know it works. I am looking forward to using it. If you have coupons to share, I'm a bear for them! I do plan to order again."

Marietta, GA


"Straight forward web page, quality merchandise and excellent prices! You run your business like I run mine, customer friendly, the way we want to be treated!"

Seattle, WA


"Felt like "DoMyOwnPestControl" put me in control of dealing with my pest problem. Also, the website provided me enough information to interview professional pest controllers and figure out I could do the same job a lot cheaper. Thank you DoMyOwnPestControl!"

Campbell, CA