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"It's easy to buy and great for folks who live in rural homes or farms. The products work and the information is available for diagnosis and remedy of many insect problems. I have used the termite control and learned how on your website. Thanks."

Bunkie, LA


"Hey Guys, As always... A Great deal, Great service and Great Products with They'll know what you need to use and tell you how to use it and ship it very fast with super packing also. If you have a problem with Bugs, Mice, Rats, Aliens, Facehuggers,ETC,ETC ( only joking about the Aliens and the Facehuggers ) But the rest I'm not ! they know their "STUFF" here. So if they have what your looking for buy it here, they also have great prices!"

New York, NY


"We are so satisfied with the products we use. We feel your prices are fair and shipment quick. This time we are battling moles in a BEAUTIFUL Garden and they are winning :( Hopefully what we ordered will work. Thank You"

Seattle, Washington


"This place has the best pest control products and the shipping time is great. The treatments work...all you have to do is keep up with them. Makes sleeping at night much easier without having to worry about spiders or anything else."

Grand Junction, CO


"This experience of getting what I needed was faster than going out and looking for it myself. Quick and easy. I was also impressed at the tutorial of what and what not to do with the chemicals. Thanks!"

Palm Harbor, FL