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"I am very pleased to have found this company very good service and I've been talking with 2 friends to recommend these products."

Los Angeles, CA


"What can I say? When it has all been said by DoMyOwnPestControl. The Product Quality is very good. The Product Price is very good. The Product Delivery is very good! That is all I have to say. Thank You!"

Alma, GA


"I checked all over for different flea treatments and saw this one in an article. I went to order it off that website and they wanted to charge me 10 dollars for shipping. I did another search and found your site where not only the cost was cheaper but charged no shipping! The reviews were really helpful as well because they gave me more confidence in my purchase. Thank you!"

Troy, NC


"The product arrived quickly, was exactly what I ordered and was an excellent price. I have already recommended to coworkers and friends."

Irving, TX


"We bought Bifen IT to help us get rid of stink bugs. I sprayed this afternoon and a few hours later there are many dead on our back deck! I am so happy this works. We have tried several other products we purchased from our local Home and Garden store and nothing has worked. These are stubborn little bugs!I also found a dead camel cricket were I sprayed (these have been hard to get rid of as well). We are very pleased with The product was shipped to us very quickly and the price is great! We will definitley purchase more from this company."

Knoxville, TN