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"I found the site very easy to use and all the information I was looking for was listed. A friend recommended the site and I couldn't be happier."

Altoona, PA


"Had mosquitoes in my apartment, did not know how they were getting in, saw this site on line and took there recommendation for a fly light, and it worked...thank you so much."



"Their website was awesome to find out what I had(carpenter ants,little black ants and earwigs).They were super helpful,the prices and shipping outstanding. And in just over 4 days all my pests are gone."

Upstate NY


"The only place to go for the DIY'er who wants or needs to handle some pest control with products that can't be found in hardware stores, big box retailers, or garden shops and at prices that can't be beat (compare product concentration levels). Will always shop here so long as I have a home!"

Batavia, IL


"I will certainly let other people know about the web site and I will also be using it quite often.The products I have seen I can use all the time.My shipment was on time and the products I ordered were in stock and at a great value. Thank you all very much!"

Apple Valley, CA