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"I received my products quickly and the price was cheaper than buying local."

Lewisville, NC


" was very accommodating when I placed my order. I needed it to be shipped to 2 different addresses and wanted the discounted price when ordering 2lbs. To gain my business they were gracious enough to satisfy my needs. I will be ordering again from this company and many thanks!"

Patrick, SC


"I ordered at midnight Wednesday and package was at my door at 1:30 pm on Friday (I live in MO and product shipped from GA) using free shipping. Probably could have purchased products cheaper elsewhere, but for convenience and selection of products it was worth it."

Lebanon, MO


"Glad that Do My Own Pest Control is around, Love the products. They work for everything that I need to take control of the my pest problem. So again, thank u Do My Own Pest Control!"

Columbia, SC


"I really like the ease in shopping from your firm, plus I can find items that work much better than what you can buy in hardware stores. Great job."

West Chicago, IL