DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"This place has the best pest control products and the shipping time is great. The treatments work...all you have to do is keep up with them. Makes sleeping at night much easier without having to worry about spiders or anything else."

Grand Junction, CO


"This experience of getting what I needed was faster than going out and looking for it myself. Quick and easy. I was also impressed at the tutorial of what and what not to do with the chemicals. Thanks!"

Palm Harbor, FL


"I have tried other pest control companies, none compare to DoMyOwnPestControl for service, product quality, and low prices!"

Guyton, GA


"Just received my first order, very fast shipping and best price available. Will order again."

Rainbow City, al.


"I recently found 2 bed bugs in my home. I called my pest control service, I have been a member since I moved into my new home. Bed bugs are not covered. They wanted an additional $1000 for their services for an guaranteed 3 months and I already pay them for quarterly visits around $800/yr. Your website gave me enough insight to do this on my own for about 8% of the cost and I will have enough product left over to repeat the process multiple times. I cancelled my membership today. This was a great experience! My wife was actually at a pest control store that offered the exact same products at a ridiculously higher price."

Philadelphia, PA