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"A very informative and helpful site. The availability of reviews and suggestions is extremely useful. Their suggested savings by use of alternative brands was financially helpful. The variety of product is amazing but that you can sort by pest is excellent! We will be using this site for all our pest control needs."

Longview, TX


"We paid Orkin $249 for a 30 minute visit. He used the same material I found on your site. The thing that really irked me with Orkin is that they used one .99 cent ant trap vs. the bait stations that you sell. I will domyownpestcontrol from now on!"

Lockport, IL


"The order process was very user friendly. I did not have to open an account if I did not want to. This is my first order, but I chose to order from because of the bizrate rating.I was particularly impressed by the product description and how to use instructions for the Bellow Hand Duster I ordered."

Los Angeles, CA


"Wow! I found your site on Monday, ordered TalstarOne late that evening, it was shipped on Tuesday, and I received it on Wednesday afternoon. Amazing! I can only hope that the product works just as fast!"

Flowery Branch, GA


"I have been using for years (roughly 8 years) and they have never fail to go above and beyond customer satisfaction and know their products that they are selling!!!!"

Tulsa, OK