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"Upon opening a new restaurant, we had a infestation of fruit flies, our 1st inspection from Health Dept. resulted in violations. I reached out to your company and with the help of a gentleman named Michael and your products we have been reinspected and have received an "A" grade, the highest available. Thank you!"

New York


"I order from your site year-round but the orders increase in the spring and summer, which is probably not surprising--dealing with the desert pests of Las Vegas, Nevada. This e-mail is just a thank you for having such an informative site that is easy to navigate, and filled with amazing product information. I am also impressed with the promptness of your shipments and of course the tracking number(s) you provide to let me know where my shipment is in the process. Your site has been a tremendous learning tool for me in addition to the amazing products I order from you and use. Your resources have helped me protect my home inside and out and control the on-going pest challenges that invade Las Vegas in general, and specifically my neighborhood, and my home. From a happy customer!"

Las Vegas, NV


"I have to attest to the professional, and timely service that Do My Own Pest Control provides. I had a problem with my package delivery that was not the fault of this website. I contacted them, and they took care of the matter with the delivery and shipped again the very next day. Things are not perfect in this world, when someone provides excellent service despite you always remember and use the service again."

Fontana, CA


"It's easy to buy and great for folks who live in rural homes or farms. The products work and the information is available for diagnosis and remedy of many insect problems. I have used the termite control and learned how on your website. Thanks."

Bunkie, LA


"Hey Guys, As always... A Great deal, Great service and Great Products with They'll know what you need to use and tell you how to use it and ship it very fast with super packing also. If you have a problem with Bugs, Mice, Rats, Aliens, Facehuggers,ETC,ETC ( only joking about the Aliens and the Facehuggers ) But the rest I'm not ! they know their "STUFF" here. So if they have what your looking for buy it here, they also have great prices!"

New York, NY