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"Great site, bought some herbicide. I will be back to purchase some ant and mouse control products after a bit of research. I saw the good reviews for your website and the free shipping is a huge bonus. I'll be back!"

Charleston, SC


" is a great website to get professional level products. We have used them for years and continue to recommend them to everyone we know. I would like to thank them for providing an alternative to paying an expensive professional to treat our house."

Laveen, AZ


"Good website, good prices, easy to navigate and find products. Based on web-purchase experience so far, I would buy again. Now, expect a prompt delivery to top off my good experience in dealing with you so far."

Tulsa, OK


"Awesome products and regular people can save a lot of money in these hard times without having to spend money on an exterminator. With an exterminator you pay more with less results. Thank goodness for your company."

Grand Junction, CO


"Thank you very much for the Product Q&A as well as the customer reviews/comments. Very helpful. Also, the 'plain language' descriptions of the insecticides and how they work, so that as a customer I have a better understanding of what I am applying, how it should work, what to expect, and how to avoid problems. Great site!"

Apache Junction, AZ