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"A family member brought roaches into my home. I called my pest control company to take care of it, but they intensified the problem by sending the roaches throughout my entire home. Since doing my own pest control for the past 6 months, I have only seen 1 or 2 roaches per month. With the new pest control items I recently purchased, I fully expect to be roach free within the next 3 months. Thank you so much DoMyOwnPestControl!"



"I love DoMyOwnPestControl. I was in pest control work back in the '90s, and I have learned how to use different pest control products. I found DMOPC a year ago and am very pleased I can buy just what I need and use my products for multiple pests."

Okeechobee, FL


"The site is robust, informative, fast and user friendly which made my purchase almost effortless. A very nice example of a well thought out and easy to navigate on-line store. Bravo!"



"I received my order in a reasonable amount of time. Ordering from your website was easy enough. I purchased via PayPal, and that also worked well. Overall, I am very satisfied with your service."



"I have purchased from in the past. They have lower prices than I have found anywhere else and my orders were received very quickly. They're the only people I go to when I need pest control supplies."