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"I love this company! This is the only place I buy my pest control products. I recommend it to everyone I know and have even ordered for friends who can not order themselves because they do not have a credit card. I even recommended it to a few of the local business owners. The amount of information available on each of the products is extremely helpful. The website provides pest identification, product ingredients, and instructions for use. It even explains what pests the product will and (more importantly) will not work on, so you are sure to buy the correct product. Keep up the great work! Your products are fantastic!"



"This was a first for me, ordering a pesticide through the mail. I was concerned about shipment related issues and the product potentially freezing en route. The shipment was handled perfectly. I was not home when it arrived so it went back to the post office. I signed for the shipment there. The box was properly labeled as to contents and the post office had no issues with handling. I was delighted by the preparation for shipment and the usage instructions provided by the web site. I plan on doing business with this store many times in the future."



"The Do My Own Pest Control web site is very user friendly. The products are logically displayed and presented with complete descriptions. The site is intuitive and easy to use. All of the products I have ever purchased form your company have been very high quality and delivered ahead of schedule."



"Good service and good quality products. I will order again."

Mission, Texas


"This was my first time ordering on this site. The descriptors and videos of how to use the product, coupled with the reviews on how effective the results are, plus the free shipping...There's not much to complain about. What more can you ask? Oh yeah, great selection, reasonable prices and getting rid of those household pests."