DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"This was my first time ordering on this site. The descriptors and videos of how to use the product, coupled with the reviews on how effective the results are, plus the free shipping...There's not much to complain about. What more can you ask? Oh yeah, great selection, reasonable prices and getting rid of those household pests."



"As always the experience was great. They always help me find what I need for my yard. They package well and ship quickly. And if there ever is a problem it is resolved quickly and with respect."



"This was a first for me, ordering a pesticide through the mail. I was concerned about shipment related issues and the product potentially freezing en route. The shipment was handled perfectly. I was not home when it arrived so it went back to the post office. I signed for the shipment there. The box was properly labeled as to contents and the post office had no issues with handling. I was delighted by the preparation for shipment and the usage instructions provided by the web sites. I plan on doing business with this store many times in the future."



"Just got off phone with Jennifer. What a help. I'm having a problem with my white pine trees with a weevil that eats the top of the tree. I had the name of an ag product which is not available on the consumer market. She put me on hold and came back with an alternate product. She couldn't have been more helpful!!! She really went the extra mile, and I feel that I have good solution to my problem. I'll recommend DoMyOwnPestControl to everyone!!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!!"

Oley, PA


"Fantastic site."

Atlanta, GA