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"Demon WP is awesome stuff. It's better than any store bought stuff at half the price. I haven't seen a roach since I used it, dead or alive. That was three weeks ago. Great product, great shipping, and a very informative web site. THANK YOU!!!"

Yuma, Arizona


"I have been buying products from Do My Own Pest Control ever since working for a Pest Control Company. I am happy to be able to purchase professional products and have customer support available if needed. I have recommended your company to countless friends and aquaintences."



"The overall shopping experience was very impressive. The online chat support person I spoke to was BEYOND helpful and knowledgeable. I rarely recommend businesses, but I have already told my neighbors and friends about"



"I bought a can of wasp freeze, and it's worth its weight in gold. It kills on contact & drops them in their tracks! No more bees or wasps. Thank you all for a wonderful product."

Maysville, KY


"Great professional products with lightning fast shipping! If they shipped Termidor to South Carolina I wouldn't use anyone else to buy my products. "

Saluda SC