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"It can't be understated how much I love this company. This is my third time buying from them and definitely not my last. The professional-grade products offered by have allowed me to get the roaches under control in the 3 different apartments I have lived in over the last 5 years, and I'm working on number 4 right now. The instructional videos are a great addition and were invaluable in learning how to apply bait (which was a new experience for me). All my purchases have arrived on time, well packaged, and they go above and beyond what is needed to help me get down to business. Customer service level: over 9000!"



"I am very pleased this company. I placed an order on Thursday afternoon, and received Monday 2 business days for FREE! In most cases they are cheaper than my local distributor. Thank you, Do My Own Pest Control! "

Clearwater, Florida


"Prior to my first order I had called and explained my problem. I was offered several products which would address my problem. The final decision was mine to make, but I was provided ample information to be able to make that decision. So this is my second order of Bifen. In fact, this time I ordered 2 x 25 lb bags. The folks that take care of the chemicals for our lawn charged me 179.00 for one treatment to get rid of mole crickets. That treatment would have to be done at least twice a year, so that's 358.00. So do the math, $31.99 for one bag of Bifen, and this treatment lasts 20+ days. So with the Bifen, I can treat our yard 11 months! Obviously a no-brainer.""



"Always reliable advice, service and delivery. Customer assitance is helpful and friendly. Prices are very good compared to the competition and they provide lots of options which is important. They will contiinue to get my business going forward and I have recommended them to friends who are equally satisfied."



"5 years ago I had a cockroach and bedbug problem that was driving my family nuts. I thought that if I was with a pest control company, that my problems would be solved, but that is NOT TRUE. If they solved my problem they couldn't get anymore of my money. Out of desperation I surfed the web, and thank God I found you guys. You educated me, and the information you provided enabled me to solve my problems myself. Now my home is pest-free, and thanks to you I now take the steps to monitor my home for pests, rotate my products to keep them in check, and feel good about myself. I can protect myself and my loved ones. A heartfelt thank you. "

Washington, DC