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"Months ago I asked you guys for help because I was very worried about a property that I own, a beautiful Spanish Style home. During one of my trips on vacation, I noticed a lot of sawdust was coming down from the roof. I panicked when I discovered that it was millions of carpenter ants all over, and as soon as I returned home, I got in touch with your company. Sure enough , you told me to use the best pesticide, Termidor SC and you said it will take time to see the results. You were absolutely right. I did return to the property 3 months later, and I was stunned when I found piles and piles of dead ants! I am very pleased with your help; you guys saved my house's roof, and my neighbors are grateful, also, because the ants were traveling through the phone and electrical wires. Thank you again! No more ants - they are all DEAD! "

San Carolos, CA


"Best on-line experience I've had period. As I am not computer savvy, I found it to be easy to navigate and to use. Clearly The Best Experience By Far."



"Today was the the first time I ordered from your company, I must say I was surprised and happy with your employee Gigi. She had great phone skills which most companies lack today. I will definitely order with you again!! Thanks"

San Jose CA


"I couldn't do my own pest control without Do My Own Pest Control! I usually order online but think I will call from now on. Gisel helped me, and she should be used as an example for customer service representatives in every field! She is courteous, informative, knowledgeable and very helpful! You can also hear the smile in her voice. I have always gotten GREAT prices & excellent and fast shipping service, too. Thank you Do My Own Pest Control and Gisel! I'll be back! "

Garland, Texas


"DoMyOwnPestControl - I have placed several orders from them over the past year or so. I receive great prices, very fast delivery and never have had any issues. I feel very lucky to have found this company online - sure beats buying from local dealers at very high prices. Keep up the great work DoMyOwnPestControl!!"