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"These guys know how to run a site; fair prices, free shipping, good products, and quick delivery. That's what I'm talking about."

Jackson, MS


"Overall great product/service and quality. I did my first application on the home, same as the professionals. I will save literally 400 dollars a year. Thanks, Do My Own Pest Control!"



"I ordered the Carpenter Ants Kit and it worked like a charm! The ants were about to take over my kitchen, but they are completely gone now. Thank you so much for filling the order so quickly and having an affordable, easy-to-use solution to my huge problem!! I will be recommending your products and services. "

Lamoni, IA


"Do My Own Pest Control is great to deal with in every aspect of the shopping experience. The prices are the cheapest that I have found and the "free shipping" is very prompt. I highly recommend the product that I purchase from them as well as the company."



"I've purchased from this Do My Own Pest Control throughout the years and have always been satisfied with the product and customer service."