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"Domyownpestcontrol is fantastic. They really helped me tackle my pest issue. We were working with our landlord who was awful and uneducated in pesticide application so his "treatments" weren't working. I was given permission from him to self treat or "supplement" his treatments with my own. In order to do so, though, I really needed to be educated on what was safe to apply with what and where and how much and how often and how long must I wait to apply mine after my landlord sprayed his and how long until I can reapply etc etc etc and it was a complicated and sensitive issue, but domyownpestcontrol really, really helped. They offered me top notch advice on every product I purchased and products I contemplated purchasing and explained the proper ways to go about it so that we could do this safe;y. This isn't a company just blindly selling pesticides and chemicals, they actually know what they're selling and how to use them properly to maximize both safety and effectiveness. This is why I chose them. As a young woman who tries to live as "green" as possible, forgive my terminology but it really stinks having to use chemicals in my home and around my pets. But this company made it easy and made me feel much better about it. And with proper application, you can use less chemicals, but more effectively. Thanks a ton to this website and the very helpful customer service experts who actually know what they're talking about. "

Manchester, NH


"This site has what I need when I need it. It is far better than any local or major department store! I can buy commercial grade supplies without the contracts and DO IT MYSELF!!!! AMAZING!!! This is NOT my first purchase and NOT my last. It is just plain easy and simple buying from them!"



"I have repeatedly ordered with absolute confidence. I always get a bit of knowledge. And without fail quick courteous service. I have, and will continue to recommend to our friends and neighbors."



"This is a top-notch business that has helped me protect my home and family by offering the finest pest control products on the market. As a former termite inspector/exterminator, DoMyOwnPestControl is the company I trust to have what I need in stock, at the best prices, and shipped quickly whenever I am treating my own home or that of family or friends."



"Months ago I asked you guys for help because I was very worried about a property that I own, a beautiful Spanish Style home. During one of my trips on vacation, I noticed a lot of sawdust was coming down from the roof. I panicked when I discovered that it was millions of carpenter ants all over, and as soon as I returned home, I got in touch with your company. Sure enough , you told me to use the best pesticide, Termidor SC and you said it will take time to see the results. You were absolutely right. I did return to the property 3 months later, and I was stunned when I found piles and piles of dead ants! I am very pleased with your help; you guys saved my house's roof, and my neighbors are grateful, also, because the ants were traveling through the phone and electrical wires. Thank you again! No more ants - they are all DEAD! "

San Carolos, CA