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"I buy all of my pest stuff from Do My Own Pest Control. Way better prices on everything and free shipping. I use Terro spray and Cy-Kick for scorpions, and I use a bait station with Contrac Blox rat bait for mice and rats. I have killed over 100 scorpions and killed about 23 rats, and I have 12 orange trees in my yard. (If you use bait, pick up dead rats before your pets eat them just as a precaution.) The people at Do My Own Pest are very courteous and helpful, and they let you return things up to 90 days with no restocking fee if it is unopened. Other places let you return up to 30 days with a restocking fee. I will recommend Do My Own Pest Control to all of my friends. Thank you. Keep up the good work. It is hard to find people that like what they are doing at their jobs. "

Scottsdale, AZ


"I had my doubts. With so many roaches (brought in through electronics), I battled them with all the store bought stuff, which is fine if they stand there and let you direct spray them, waving little signs: here I am, get me if you can! I ordered the foam, bait and bait trays. I can honestly say they are all gone. I am amazed and so happy! Thank you for such great quality of products and quick service!"

Davenport, OK


"Fast, amazing delivery of all the products I order. The ordering process is fast and simple. Product information is listed in a clear and easy to understand manner. Really takes half the work out of managing my home pest control projects!"

Naples, FL


"I need to take the time to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Rachel I. Rachel has been so patient with my many backyard "woes". I would recommend that Rachel get a pay raise! "DoMyOwnPestControl" site is wonderful. "

Morris County, NJ


"I have spoken with one of your sales reps by the name of Jill: very good customer service. She was very polite and was knowledgeable about what I need, and she helped me figure out how much I needed. We need more people that care about other people's needs as much as Jill does. Thanks a lot, Jill!"

Waynesville, MO