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"Your chemical containers are quite ingenious with the oz. section on the top. It makes for very easy measuring without contaminating other measuring cups. The chemicals are also excellent, we used them for cricket control and they worked great."

Lakewood, NJ


"I purchased FenvaStar from you a month or so ago for a problem with tiny ants in the kitchen and bath. Only 1 treatment did the trick. I haven't seen any ants since. I'm so glad I ordered this product from you and got my kitchen back from those stinkers! Trying to work on my countertops with food of any kind was frustrating, to say the least, with ants constantly crawling around! Thank You."



"Well, this stuff really works. It got rid of the bugs in my home and bed. I'm glad I found you guys. Keep up the good work"



"I want to thank you for your prompt service and for your excellent product. I ordered two pantry moth traps, and they worked wonderfully! Easy to use, inexpensive, and safe--I've recommended your website to others!"

New Jersey


"I've been using several of your products for a couple of years now for a moderate to bad carpenter ant issue outside. They don't even show up now. Thank you."

Toms River N.J.