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"You guys are the secret that pest control companies don't want people to hear about. You have helped me do my own carpenter bee eradication, termite prevention, and home and business bug control. And I have saved thousands of dollars with you!"

Kingsport, TN


"Great web site for major termite problems. Excellent Q&A help from your experts. Best site for this purpose. I will use DoMyOwnPestControl again and again and go no where else!"

Pine Brook, NJ


"Congrats on the 10 year mark! :) Being a small business owner myself, I understand what it's like going from a basement to something much bigger than you could ever anticipate. I've been a home owner now for three years and after being disgusted with the outrageous price and poor service from the big pest/lawn control/care companies, I now order all of my pest and lawn products from you, and do it myself! I can't thank you enough for not only your products and exceptional service but also the wealth of knowledge your site provides. I will always be your loyal customer and recommend you to everyone I speak with."

Virginia Beach, VA


"My product arrived yesterday. I cant believe how fast it came. Thank you sooo much. I can hardly wait to get rid of SOME of the tent caterpillars. They are eveywhere.I will leta you know how it worked. I know they cant all be taken care of but at least around our house and deck."



"Great site for homeowner yard and pest chemicals. DoMyOwnPestControl has a huge selection of products with product descriptions, Q&A, and customer reviews that help decide which product to use, how much is needed and how to best apply. I am a loyal return customer and recommend DoMyOwnPestControl whenever I can. Thanks!"

Aledo, TX