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"Do My Own Pest Control has some of the best qualities out there, especially for the new or new product do-it-yourselfer. You can pull up info according to pest, then educate yourself, make your purchase, then take care of whatever problem you have. I know people who own pest control companies, and I have been able to buy and treat my own problem for pennies compared to their rates, and this site allows me to do just that. Thanks, DoMyOwnPestControl."



"I just ordered my product today, and I'm awaiting for the arrival. I need to wait until the snow melts and there's a little warmer weather. I do get quite a few carpenter ants as well as earwigs and spiders, especially the earwigs. I'm hoping this product works, and I'm looking forward to giving this a shot."

Marshfield, MA


"I learned about the Bifen on YouTube but couldn't find it at Home Depot or local hardware stores. DoMyOwnPestControl had exactly what I was looking for in an appropriate quantity and was able to get it to me fast."



"Do My Own Pest Control makes it very easy to purchase items. The products are very good. Products arrive in a timely manner especially with free shipping. I am a repeat satisfied customer. "



"I appreciate the reviews. They helped me make the decision to purchase this particular product. Also, during my reading of the reviews, a chat person came on to ask if I had any questions about the product of my choice. The checkout process was clear and to the point. Thank you, DMOPC!"