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"One of the best companies to order from on the web hands down. You just can't beat a combination of great prices, hard to find items, great customer service and SUPER FAST shipping! Oh, and it's FREE! I will order all of the items I need from here from now on!"

Charlotte, NC


"I am a Certified Safety Professional with about 900 employees, some of whom have told stories about scorpions in their homes in southeastern New Mexico. Also, my wife has had a serious reaction to a scorpion sting. After trying Cy-Kick, we seldom see a scorpion any more, and when we do, it's dead, and I was able to recommend it whole-hardheartedly to all my coworkers, recommending purchase from DoMyOwnPestControl!"

Hobbs, NM


"The products we purchase from Do My Own Pest Control are the ONLY products we've used that assure us we won't have any scorpions - or any other unwanted critters inside or outside our house. We've been using products purchased on for years now & wouldn't change - ever. THANKS!!"

Daytona Beach, FL


"Wow. If I could design the optimum website and build the best possible customer service model, this would be my benchmark. I live by the Internet, research extensively, pay a grain of salt to much and thus focus only on the narrow band of "trusted" resources and information. DoMyOwn has become a top of the list resource for information and purchase of any products they sell. I don't offer too many testimonials but this is the kind of quality and service I don't want to lose that deserves the time it takes to recount. Thank you for outstanding products and service!!"

The Woodlands, TX


"Very consistent performance bordering on superb! Customer treatment the way it used to be. Harvard Business School should make this company the ultimate small business model."

Port Saint Lucie, FL