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"Outstanding company, with great instruction videos on how to accurately accomplish the task. Product description accurately describes the how to as well as treatment of pest issues. The customer service team, whether through email or by phone, are the most professional and technical experts I have ever dealt with, period. The customer service team will not only recommend the best product by location, they will also inform you if a local pest control agency should be involved. I recommend Do My Own Pest control to everyone!"

Sumter, SC


"Amazing site with incredible ease of use! Just type in on the search what bug you are trying to get rid of and voila, a list of all products they have for it!! Would highly recommend!"

Miami, FL


"I was so happy to find a product that I had used successfully before. The free shipping was an added incentive. The order was well packaged and arrived quickly despite the holiday mailing period. I also found the website helpful. Great shopping experience!"

West Chester, PA


"Great Company. They are saving me approx. $850.00/yr. I hired a pest company and so far I still have thousands of big headed ants. They only treat every 8 weeks, giving the ants time to keep reproducing. Found out that they use this same product. I am going to start using the spray along with the max force granules which I purchased from your company and are currently using to keep this population down. Thank You!"

Lake Worth, FL


"I have been looking everywhere locally for the Talstar product line and haven't been able to find it. I used to be able to get it from a local pest control supply shop but they stopped carrying it. I don't understand why they'd do that since it is the ONLY product I have found to be thorough and successful with fire ants and fleas. Other products just didn't measure up. Thank you!! My pets and I appreciate it!"

Kemah, TX