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"After dealing with bedbugs and a horrible exterminator for months I'm looking forward to taking matters into my own hands. was easy to navigate and informative. Hopefully the process of ridding my home of such terrible pests will be just as successful!"

Washington, D.C.


"My local Terminix guy tried to charge a huge fee to handle my tick problem. When I told him a couple days later that I found a solution to my problem he said, "You must have found Do My Own Pest Control?" I said "yup", and he walked away. Thanks for your product!"

Perris, CA


"Very easy to find the products for the critters I am looking to exterminate...Living in the desert of AZ, we moved into a house that had a yard full of scorpions. Talstar P and Phantom have them completely under control now. Thanks!"

Anthem, AZ


"After bad experiences with 2 area exterminators and their only interest was to pressure me into a contract than exterminating the pest, and it seemed to have gotten worse after the treatments! I decided to do it myself and found your site on line. The very next day I noticed a drop in the population and after a week, I have seen maybe three and I have the satisfaction of knowing I have enough product for repeat application if I should continue to see any and question a repeat infestation. Thanks!"

Raytown, MO


"In the modern world of American commerce where people are less informed, less helpful, and downright rude, it is nice to meet a company that is still professional and helpful. They were informative, but didn't know the very technical info I was requesting, so they did the smart thing and gave me the manufacturer's number. Problem solved! Great company!"

Rockford, MI