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"The web site was easy to understand all products. Also the video was extremely helpful in understanding how to apply the product. Also the customer reviews were helpful in selecting the proper product. The checkout was easy fast and efficient. Thank you for a great shopping and educational experience!"

Dayton, OH


"I found exactly the items my professional exterminator was using at the turn of a $364 annual fee!! I count that money as tuition. Now I know how to fight my problem and a place to get the products! Thank you!"

Madeira Beach, FL


"Thank you for making it so easy to take care of our own pest control needs. I have used your site in the past and was overly pleased with the ease of the purchase and the product quality. I will recommend your site and products to friends and family. "

Atlantic Beach, FL


"I am pleased to say this site has saved me lots of money and time. I live in a remote area where most pest control companies will not service. This site allows me to get professional products to do my own treatments. DMOPC has every product the big boy companies use! I would recommend this company to anyone that doesn't mind doing their own spraying."

Tonopah, AZ


"DoMyOwnPestControl is a wonderful place to deal with. Order arrived before date of arrival and product works perfectly! Very satisfied!"

Camden, SC