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"I looked at several other websites before I found DoMyOwnPestControl. The other sites were difficult to navigate, I either couldn't find what I was looking for or couldn't obtain necessary information. Next time I need pest control, I'll save time and go directly to DoMyOwnPestControl!"

Carnation, WA


"We sprayed our home and were pleased with the results. The video we watched on the website helped a great deal. The results were amazing! The next day I was able to sweep up dead bugs. Thanks so much for such a great product and website!"

Lavonia, GA


"Great products, Great service. Products listed online are easy to look up and provide useful information regarding application processes for several areas. I will certainly use Do My Own Pest Control In the future. Thanks again!"

Pikeville, NC


"I pay $90 per quarter to have someone spray in my house - and use the SAME EXACT products that are on this website. I know I can save hundreds of dollars by being a customer here!"

Plantation, FL


"The level of attention and personal responsibility they take to ensure customer satisfaction is nothing short of perfection. Going above and beyond what was expected is why I left high praise for this business establishment!"

San Diego, CA