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Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide

Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide is effective in killing over 20 different woody species and preventing sprouting of cut trees in non-crop areas like forests, right-of-ways, roadsides, and fence rows. Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide is a ready-to-use (RTU) product that requires no measuring or mixing and is simple to use. Simply put it into a spray bottle and spray. Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide makes it easy to see where you have been with a convenient blue dye that marks each stump or tree you spray.

Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide works by translocating through the tree and into the root system to prevent resprouts. The no freeze formulation makes working in cold weather easy.

Active Ingredient: picloram - 5.4%
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid - 20.9%
Target pests: Woody plants: ailanthus, alder, aspen, birch, cedar, cherry, dogwood, elm, firs, green ash, gum, hawthorn, hickory, hornbeam, maples, oaks, pecan, persimmon, serviceberry, sourwood and sweetbay
For use in: Cut surface applications for killing unwanted trees and preventing undesirable sprouting of cut trees in forest and other non-crop areas such as fence rows, roadsides and rights-of-way
Application: Ready-to-Use
Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed on label
Formulation: Professional Product
Special Features: The blue dye in Tordon RTU lets you easily keep track of treated stumps
Manufactured By: Dow AgroSciences (UPC: 662974049142)

Tordon RTU should not be applied on residential or commercial lawns or near ornamental trees and shrubs. Untreated trees can occasionally be affected by root uptake of herbicide through movement into the topsoil or by excretion of the product from the roots of nearby treated trees. Do not apply Tordon RTU within the root zone of desirable trees unless such injury can be tolerated.

Do not contaminate cropland, water, or irrigation ditches.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars  Tordon Herbicide
    By Dottie in Longmont Co on January 5, 2016

    Great product, very happy.

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April 2, 2013Stuart from Port St. Lucie, Fl asked:

QI assume Tordon RTU is in liquid form. What color is it?

AThere is a special blue dye in Tordon RTU that helps you easily keep track of treated stumps.

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May 10, 2013Jim from Oxford Ct asked:

QCan Tordon RTU be applied to soil rather than the weed?
Trying to kill Japanese knotweed that I have removed and prevent any regeneration.

AWe recommend contacting the manufacturer Dow AgroSciences at 800-992-5994 to see if you can use this product in soil. Battleship is our most popular herbicide for knotweed control. Battleship III gives you superior post-emergent control of tough broad-leaf weeds on lawns and other landscaped areas. Its 2,4-D free formulation is effective in cool and warm-season turf.  The advanced "three-way" formulation contains Triclopyr, Fluroxypyr and MCPA in an easy-to-use liquid formulation.

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October 24, 2013Ginalie from Iowa City, Ia asked:

Q1. Does this work on black locust? 2. Is Tordon just as effective below freezing?

ATordon RTU Specialty Herbicide is not labeled for Black Locust. Southern Ag Vantage is labeled for Black Locust. You want to read the product label to make sure your turf will tolerate this product before application. We do not recommend applying any herbicide when temperatures are below 55 degrees.

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May 2, 2014Thomas from Chester, Sc asked:

QI want to hack and squirt undesirable tree species from wooded acreage, what should I use?

AThe product to use all depends on what type of plants you are trying to kill and how large. Total Vegatation Control will kill annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees.

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June 11, 2013Yc from Atlanta, Ga asked:

QWhich is the better product to remove bradford pear tree stumps and kill suckers? Fertilome or Tordon RTU?
I saw the Fertilome Stump Killer (active ingredient: Triclopyr) and the Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide on your website. Just wondering which will be the most effective stump/ sucker killer for some Bradford Pear trees that we have cut down. There are several triclopyr-based herbicides and wondering which one is the best for this application.

AEither product would do a great job. When using a stump killer, you may have to use the product undiluted on some trees and paint it directly on the freshly cut stump for maximum absorption. Since the Tordon has a larger label of trees covered under treatment, we would recommend this over the Fertilome Stump killer. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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October 17, 2015Marilyn from Derry asked:

QWill Tordon RTU kill a cedar stump and how long will it take?


Yes,Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide is effective in killing over 20 different woody species, including cedar, and preventing resprouting of those cut trees. Unfortunately, it is hard to say for sure how long it will take because the kill time is due in part to many environmental factors. If you need further assistance you may contact Dow AgroSciences at 800-992-5994.

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June 11, 2014Paige from Peru, In asked:

QTordon RTU was applied to some bush and tree stumps. We are now seeing wilting of other bushes and perennials
Is there anything we can apply to amend the soil and stop the damage?

ASince the active ingredient in Tordon RTU is known to leach into the soil, we recommend digging 6 inches deep srrounding the affecting bushes and perennials and replacing it with fresh soil.

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May 29, 2013Luis from El Paso asked:

QCan Tordon be used on palm tree stumps?
If so, is there a safe radius one should keep out of as far as neighboring trees and shrubs close to stump being treated?

ASince Palm trees are not on the product label and to make sure Tordon will treat palm tree stumps, please contact the manufacturer Dow Agrosciences at 800-992-5994.

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August 3, 2015Frances from Glasgow, Ky asked:

QCan I use Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide to kill a tree of heaven and its sprouts?


We would recommend using Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide for ailanthus altissima, or tree of heaven. A tree injection, frill/girdle method or a stump treatment can be done with this product. Please be sure to check the label for instructions on how to do this.

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