Trapper 24/7 - CASE (12 traps)


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Trapper 24/7 - CASE (12 traps)
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The Trapper 24/7 is a multiple live catch mouse trap with a sleek design and modern style. Made of strong impact-resistant plastic. Can be used with or without glue boards. If used with a glueboard, the mice will die upon entering the trap. The inside part of the trap slides out to allow you to release the caught mice or to change the glue board. Ventilation holes along the base of the trap make ideal entry points for insects and virtually eliminate condensation build-up.

TRAPPER 24/7 is Bell's newest innovation that combines function and style in a multiple catch trap. TRAPPER 24/7 is ideal for monitoring and/or trapping and is effective for both mice and insects. TRAPPER 24/7 requires no winding. A horizontal sliding lid design provides greater control during servicing. Its durable plastic consturction is designed for long life and will not rust. There are no sharp edges with TRAPPER 24/7, and rounded interior walls make for faster cleaning. A tinted top allows viewing from the side or top. Ventilation holes along the base make ideal entry points for insects and virtually eliminate condensation build-up. TRAPPER 24/7 accommodates disposable glue boards for monitoring and fast clean-up. Measures: 10" x2"x 7"

TRAPPER 24/7's attractive design blends into any environment. Extensive field and laboratory testing ensure performance and reliability.

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    5 of 5 stars  Mice-be-gone
    By Bob in Sinking Spring, PA 19608 on 11/14/2010

    I have tried 5 different mouse traps, and have finally found one which catches them ALL!! All of the other traps were sporadic. Prior to having the outside of my house re-done, mice apparently got into my basement above my drop ceiling. They no longer can get in ( I hope), but now I want to get rid of them. In despair, I went to our local Ehrlich's store and purchased the TRAPPER 24/7. It's one of the best investments I ever made. I don't want to kill them..... just get rid of them. On November 3rd of this year I baited it with peanut butter for the first time. Since then, and including this morning, I have caught 32 mice. I thought I had a slight mice problem, but found that I had an infestation. They got between the insulation and the floor of my kitchen. I only ever saw one in the basement itself. Now for the not-so-good news. I am now on my 2nd Trapper, because the mice ate through the 1st one. The design of the trap is great, but I would suggest that you eliminate the slots which run along the bottom of the trap on both sides and the front. These slots give them something to grab onto so that they can gnaw their way through the trap. This was the case with my 1st trap. With the current one, I put duct tape on the inside of the trap to cover the holes. Now they eat the duct tape, but I get to them before they destroy the trap. Other than that, You have designed a fool-proof trap. Thank you so much !!!!

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  • 1 of 5 stars  Not a one!
    By Eve in CT on 08/10/2011
    Verified Purchase

    I have had no luck whatsoever they seem to start to go in and get spooked by the mechanism. So far I am very disappointed. By the way my son caught two in a homemade bucket trap during this time and makes me look foolish spending so much money for nothing.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Trapper 24/7
    By Connie in Pinconning, MI on 10/14/2016

    This product does a very good job

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Trapper 24/7
    By Connie in Pinconning, MI on 11/17/2016

    Good Value and effective.

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04/11/2011 Heather

QHow brittle is the plastic on the Trapper 24/7 Trap?
Could you please let me know the type of plastic these are made of? I need to determine if they are brittle plastic to know if they are usable inside our facility.

AThe light grey bottom of box and inner parts are made of poly-styrene and the dark lid is made of  poly-carbonate.

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