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ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate

ULD BP-300 is a fogging concentrate that treats a wide variety of pests in a many treatment areas. BP-300 can be used in ULV foggers as well as thermal foggers and propane foggers since it is an oil based solution. ULD BP-300 can be applied in any other traditional spraying system or fogging system. ULD BP-300 can be applied undiluted or diluted depending on your treatment situation.

ULD BP-300 can be used in the following foggers found on our website:

Fogmaster Jr

B&G M2400 ULV Fogger

Fogmaster 7401 ULV Fogger

Bonide Propane Fogger

B&G M2600 ULV Fogger

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Ultimate takedown
    By Big in Detroit, MI on 01/05/2017

    Stuff kills everything

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Most Helpful Q&A's

07/12/2013 Deanna from Panorama City Ca

QWhat are the effects of this product used with a fogger during pregnancy?

AULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate should pose no harmful effects, if the pregnant person is kept out of the treated area until it has completely dried.

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01/29/2014 Gary from Indianapolis In

QOur current pesticide company (Orkin) is using BP-300 as a fogging spray to treat for bed bugs.
When I read on the active targets for this product it does not list bed bugs?


We cannot comment on any work or product applied by any professional or company. We can tell you that BP-300 is not labeled for bedbugs.

Bedbug Treatment Products

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08/08/2014 Jian

QCan BP300 to use with a fogger to treat German cockroaches?

AYes, ULD BP-300 is labeled to kill roaches. This product is used in ULV foggers, Thermal foggers, Propane foggers and other conventional spraying and fogging equipment. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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06/17/2014 Jim from Tampa, Fl

QI am looking for an oil based pyrethum concentrate.

AULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate is an oil based pyrethrum concentrate.

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08/28/2014 Fred from Avon, Ny

QWhat is dilution rate for propane fogger

AULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate in a propane fogger are 1 part concentrate to 2 parts oil. Pleae review the application chart on the product label depending on what you are treating.

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Most Recent Customer Questions

09/28/2016 Mildred from Huntsville, Al

QHow long do you need to stay out of the house after spraying the crawl space with ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate?


After applying ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate, you will want to leave for a few hours until everything has been dried and properly ventilated.

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09/22/2016 Carolina from Livermore, California

QCan ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate be used in combination with baits?
We have german roaches in our apartment. Pest control put advion baits but the problem didn't resolve completely. Can an application of this product help get rid of them?


Yes, the ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate can be used in conjuction with a gel bait. You would however want to put the bait out only after the application is complete and the product has dried. Generally, you do not want to use a bait gel and insecticide in the same places as the liquid will contaminate the bait, and not allow it to work correctly.†

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09/21/2016 Rick from West Frankfort

QWhat product can I use to fog at a commercial account that is infested with cellar spiders?
The building is 100x300 with 20' walls, the storage shelves are covered with spider webs but can't be sprayed directly because of inventory. Can a building this size be fogged successfully and with what machine? It's a coal mine warehouse.


Yes it is possible to treat the warehouse you are referring to;†you can use a product like ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate. You can use it in a Fogmaster Micro Jet ULV Fogger 7401 or Commander Tri-Jet Fogger.

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09/15/2016 David from Kerrville

QWill ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate work in a small propane fogger to kill mosquitoes?
will it work better than black flag mosquito fogger?


Unfortunately,†ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate is not labeled for mosquitoes in a propane fogger application. The only concentrate that we offer that can be used in this type of application is CSI 30-30 Mosquito, Fly, & Gnat Control.

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07/22/2016 Shafdhar from Trinidad

QHow effective is ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate towards mosquitoes?
It was recommended by a supplier.


ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate†is not labeled to control mosquitoes so we would not recommend it for this use.

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05/04/2016 Bernard from Staten Island, Ny

QCan I use this BP300 in an Actisol and a reqular Tri-Jet Fogger?


ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate†can be used in an Actisol unit or the Tri-Jet following the instructions on the product label.

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04/17/2016 Bruce from Tampa, Florida

QIs there a danger of spontaneous combustion in propane foggers?
I am planning on using the ULD BP-300 in a black flag propane fogger the coiled tube gets up to about 2200 F.


We have not seen any reports of spontaneous combustion with any of the foggers we carry. We do recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the fogger you purchased if this is a concern for you as they may have more information on this subject.

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02/28/2016 Don from Florida

QCan I dilute ULD BP-300 with diesel fuel instead of white mineral oil?


ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate is not labeled to be used with diesel fuel. †We do not have any fogging solutions that are labeled to be mixed with diesel fuel.

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11/09/2015 Brian from Richmond, Va

QCan ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate be used in crawl spaces?


Yes, you can use ULD BP-300 Fogging Concentrate in crawl space areas.

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07/14/2014 Omar from 91335

QWhat can use to dilute ULD BP-300?
I'm using this product with a thermal fogger.

AULD BP-300 should be mixed with a white mineral oil. PLease refer to the label for mixing ratios.

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