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Hi-Yield Zinc Sulfate
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A water-soluble source of zinc that will correct zinc deficiencies for Pecan and fruit trees and prevents and controls rosette.

Hi-Yield Dusting Wettable Sulfur
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An insecticide and fungicide unique to roses, shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables and may be used as a dust or a wettable spray on home lawns and gardens.

Hi-Yield Captan 50W Fungicide
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A wettable powder fungicide for disease control on fruits and ornamental plants.

Ferti-Lome Geranium Hanging Basket & Pansy Plant Food 20-20-20
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A water soluble fertilizer for basket, patio and geranium plants as a foliar spray and soil drench.

Ferti-Lome Acid Loving Water Soluble Plant Food 31-11-11
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A water soluble fertilizer for acid loving plants and shrubs like Rhododendrons, Camellias and Azaleas.

Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate
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A calcium nitrate that gives tomatoes and peppers able to fight against Blossom End Rot.

Fertilome Rooting Powder
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A rooting treatment that grows new plants fast! Just cut, dip and plant! Works with ornamentals and houseplants.