Monterey Weed Whacker Jet Spray

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Monterey Weed Whacker Jet Spray can (22 oz)

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Monterey Weed Whacker Jet Spray - CASE (12 x 22 oz. cans)Monterey Weed Whacker Jet Spray - CASE (12 x 22 oz. cans) case (12 x 22 oz cans)

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Monterey Weed Whacker Jet Spray

Weed Whacker Jet Spray is a three-way herbicide for use on turf and non-crop areas to control broadleaf weeds like spurge, oxalis, dandelions, and others. The concentrated formula is an economical way to kill unwanted broadleaf weeds, the jet allows for easy spot treatments, and can be used in cool and warm climates.

Do not apply this in a way that will contact any person or pet, either directly or through drift. Keep people and pets out of the area during application. Do not allow people or pets to enter the treated area until sprays have dried.

This contains a foam which marks the spot where the weed kill er has been applied.

  1. Shake can just before using and occasionally during use.
  2. Invert can, hold at arm’s length, and point can at weed as you press button. Do not press button when can is in upright position.
  3. Stand close to weed (1 to 2 feet) with can aimed at weed and away from face.
  4. Push down briefly on button. Spray to cover center of weed, do not over-spray. The spray’s foaming action will make it easy for you to see coverage.
  5. One application will kill most weeds listed. If certain tough weeds are not dead within 3 weeks, repeat application.

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