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What Do Bed bugs Look Like?

Bed bug Identification Guide

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How big are Bed bugs? Bed bugs grow in stages after they exit the egg capsule. Nymph (or immature) bed bugs vary in sizes from 2 mm to 5 mm. The adult bed bugs are around a fourth of an inch or larger. Adult bed bugs are often compared to the size of an apple seed. The Bed Bug life cycle can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the surrounding temperature and available food sources.

  • Bed bugs have a flat, oval-round body shape.
  • Bed bugs have 6 legs.
  • Bed bugs have two antennae.
  • Bed bugs do not have wings

What color are Bed bugs?
  • Adult bed bugs have a rusty red color and are bright red directly after feeding.
  • Immature bed bugs, while the same shape as the adults, are much lighter in color. They are typically a yellow, tannish color.
  • Bed bug eggs are a very light cream color

Where are Bed bugs found? Bed bugs can be found in every state of the US, hence the great need for bed bug control. While bed bugs do tend to be more prolific in large cities or travel hubs, they can also be found in some of the smallest towns and remote areas as well.

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